About STT
Saite Testing (STT) is one of the earliest professional third-party testing service organizations in China that conducts research and application of reliability testing technology. After decades of development, it has become a comprehensive service provider integrating environmental reliability testing, mechanical reliability testing, packaging and transportation testing, A comprehensive testing service organization integrating material testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, failure analysis, physical and chemical testing and other projects. The existing scale, testing capabilities and level are at the leading level of domestic testing institutions, and it has trained a group of high-quality testing engineers and accumulated rich testing experience.
As an impartial third-party testing organization, STT Laboratory's operating qualifications have always been the focus of STT and its customers. For this reason, STT has successively passed the international standard IECQ International Electrotechnical Commission Electronic Components Quality Assessment System for ISO/IEC 17025 laboratories. The review of operational qualifications is recognized by ISTA International Safe Transportation Association and CNAS China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment. The data and reports issued are efficient, accurate, scientific and fair, and have reached mutual recognition with all member countries. STT adheres to the essence of continuous improvement required by the ISO/IEC 17025 system, and has been committed to improving the structure and optimizing processes for a long time, striving to serve the majority of corporate users with more professional testing technology, more first-class equipment, more efficient services, and more advantageous prices. .
STT is committed to providing professional and comprehensive solutions for various products produced by different manufacturers in the fields of electronics, automobiles, integrated circuits, microwaves, optoelectronics, electromechanics, machinery, and IT through independent scientific and technological innovation activities in environmental reliability testing and test engineering technology. System solutions for reliability testing, reliability design and process improvement promote scientific and technological progress, ensure product quality and reliability meet standards, reduce corporate quality costs, promote corporate development, and enhance corporate competitiveness.
After several years of accumulation and development, STT has developed into a comprehensive testing service organization integrating test technology research and application, test detection and analysis, and test equipment development. It has a team of highly educated and high-quality experts with rich research and practical experience in reliability testing engineering technology, failure analysis technology, physical and chemical testing technology, and builds the laboratory in strict accordance with the requirements of the CNAS Accreditation Committee, and conducts operations in accordance with ISO/IEC17025:2006 Laboratory management follows the principles of "efficiency, accuracy, science, and fairness" and provides professional testing technical services to enterprises in accordance with international and domestic standards such as IEC, ISO, IEEE, MIL, ASTM, J-STD, GJB, GB, and SJ.
Saite Inspection adheres to the business philosophy of providing customers with authoritative final solutions in the fields of inspection, identification, testing and certification, insists on long-term cooperation and common development with all customers, is quality-oriented, service-oriented, pragmatic and innovative, and continues to develop.
Through fair and professional testing services, STT promotes customers from all walks of life to improve product quality and management levels, and work together to build a harmonious and safe quality life.
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